The General Directorate of Traffic: 29 thousand violations were issued and 21 reckless people were arrested

The Traffic and Operations Sector implemented traffic security campaigns to pursue negligent people and perpetrators of serious violations, which endanger the lives of road users, which resulted in issuing 29,155 traffic violations, impounding 21 vehicles, referring 49 violators to the General Traffic Department’s reservation glasses, and referring 50 juveniles to the Juvenile Prosecution And the seizure of 7 vehicles wanted by security and judicial authorities, as well as the arrest of 3 people wanted by the General Administration of Criminal Execution and the Civil Execution Department.

In the details, the officer of the Public Relations and Traffic Awareness Department at the General Traffic Department, Major Abdullah Buhassan, said in a statement to Al-Jarida that the Ministry of Interior’s Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations Affairs Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh asked the leaders of the licensing and operations sector in the department to launch traffic security campaigns against the reckless in Various regions of the country, especially those witnessing an increase in reckless operations, which endanger the lives of road users, and cause inconvenience to citizens and residents.

He pointed out that the traffic patrols in the traffic departments of the six governorates, in addition to the Traffic Operations Department, the Special Tasks Department, and the Traffic Investigation Department, implemented these instructions on the ground.

The statistics showed that the traffic patrols were able to arrest 53 juveniles driving vehicles without obtaining a driver’s license, and they were referred to the General Department of Criminal Investigation – Juvenile Police Department, in preparation for their referral to the Juvenile Prosecution.

Buhassan stated that the General Administration of Emergency Police carried out, during the past week, 259 security operations, recorded 306 traffic violations, and dealt with 42 accidents, as well as dealing with 12 people without identification, as well as dealing with 8 quarrels, and seizing 3 cases of substance abuse. narcotic;


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