Smart power meters coming to Salmiya

The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy revealed that the smart meters, which will be installed within days from the Salmiya area, will work according to a pre-payment mechanism, so that the consumer pays the cost of the electricity he will consume in advance. 

Informed sources indicated that the launch of the installation of these meters will take place through a ceremony organized by the ministry within days, in the presence of high-ranking government figures, given the importance of the project in making a qualitative leap in the level of the ministry’s services.

She added that the adoption of the prepayment mechanism is consistent with the Ministry’s main objective of the project, which is to achieve progress in the level of collecting its dues and to avoid repeated observations by the Audit Bureau regarding the accumulation of consumer debts and the need for the Ministry to take new measures to ensure serious collection.

The sources stated that the ministry approved the payment mechanism, which will be through several methods, most notably charging the balance through the ministry’s website, and through the “call center” customer service No. 153, by sending a payment link to the consumer, as well as through the ministry’s application, and is also done. Through the customer service offices located in the governorates, in addition to the airport office, which has been working 24 hours a day for some time.

They explained that the shipping categories are likely to start at a value of one dinar and for any amount the consumer wants, noting that each apartment in the building will have its own pre-paid meter, especially since this is the current situation under traditional counters, as the percentage of integration in buildings is not exceed half a percent. 

4 ways to charge the balance

01- Via the website

02- Through the Ministry’s application

03- By contacting Customer Service No. 153

04- Customer service offices in the governorates and the airport



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