Manpower: 20 sites violate the decision to ban employment at noon in Al-Mutlaa

The midday work inspection team of the National Center for Occupational Health and Safety at the Public Authority for Manpower monitored today, Sunday, 20 violating sites and a number of workers working during the prohibited times in the residential city (Al-Mutlaa), and issued 23 violations against them.

Head of the Follow-up and Inspection Department for Occupational Health and Safety Mansour Al-Mutairi said in a press statement that today’s tour is the final for the midday work committee inspection team, which has been working since the beginning of last June until the end of this August.

He stated that the administrative decision (535/2015) prohibits the employment of workers in open areas at noon from 11 am to 4 pm due to the high temperatures, indicating that Kuwait has signed international agreements on human rights, and this decision confirms its humanitarian role.

He pointed out that a notice will be issued to avoid violators and to re-inspect them again tomorrow, Monday, and the worker will be violated if he is in the same place and the violation will be referred to the Investigation Department to take the necessary legal measures. 



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