Reducing the recruitment of Indian domestic workers does not include women

Local Arabic newspaper Aljarida reported that A specialist in employment affairs, Bassam Al-Shammari, revealed that reducing the recruitment of domestic workers from India to 300 dinars instead of the 890 set by Kuwait, according to the statement of the Indian Ambassador Sibi George, is intended for male workers only, not for women.

Al-Shammari explained to Al-Jarida that the agreement concluded between the Kuwaiti and Indian sides regarding the recruitment and use of these workers did not regulate the contractual relationship between the local offices in the two countries, pointing out that this agreement also did not specify the mechanism of recruitment through the “job order” contracts, which are related to bringing in workers. From there, it is currently in force with most labor-exporting countries such as the Philippines, Ethiopia, Ceylon and Indonesia.

He said that “the Indian embassy in the country is the highest in terms of imposing fees allocated for approving and ratifying second recruitment contracts at 65 dinars per transaction, obtained through a private company in the Behbehani Commercial Complex, while these costs reach only 5 dinars in some embassies.” .

He stressed the full readiness of the local offices to contract with their counterparts in India, if any, to facilitate the process of recruiting workers from there, stressing that this step is extremely important, as it allows bringing in large numbers of domestic workers, and pumping them into the local market, which contributes to filling the acute shortage experienced by him. Of this employment for more than a year.

Al-Shammari praised the good radical changes that occurred in the mechanism of addressing the problems related to domestic workers in the country, by the Public Authority for Manpower

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