Firefighting saves a fuel station in Khaitan from disaster

A blazing weekend for a firefighter, during which the centers of the General Fire Brigade dealt with 3 fire incidents, one of which almost caused a real disaster, as it was a fire that broke out in a vehicle while it was being refueled at a station in the Khaitan area, while the other two fires broke out in a feed market in the Salmi area, and workers housing in Abundant farm.

In the details of the first incident, the Director of the Public Relations and Media Department of the General Fire Force, Colonel Muhammad Al-Gharib, said in a press statement that the General Fire Force’s operations room received a report that a fire broke out in a vehicle inside a fuel station in Khaitan, indicating that as soon as the report was received, the center was directed. Extinguishing Farwaniya to the site at maximum speed, given the seriousness of the accident.

Al-Gharib added that the divine providence, and then the rapid arrival of the fire brigade to the site within 3 minutes, prevented a real catastrophe, pointing out that the firefighters began immediately upon their arrival to fight the fire and isolate it, and prevent it from reaching the refueling devices, indicating that the accident did not result. For injuries, it was limited to material losses to the vehicle.

In the details of the second accident, Al-Gharib said that the Al-Shaqaya, Al-Jahra Al-Hrafai, and Al-Isnad firefighting teams succeeded in controlling a fire in a feed market on Salmi Road yesterday afternoon, noting that the firefighters used the method of isolation for feed, to prevent the spread of fire, until they were able to control the fire. The fire came two hours after it broke out.

In the details of the third accident, Al-Gharib said that the firefighters at the Wafra Center were able yesterday evening to control a fire that broke out in a chalet used as housing for workers inside a farm in the Wafra agricultural area, and prevented the fire from reaching the rest of the farm and without causing any injuries.



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