Customs: thwarting the entry of 3 tons of tobacco into the country

Customs officers in the Customs Search and Inspection Department thwarted the air freight attempt to bring in approximately 3 tons of the banned tobacco substance, which was hidden in “pallets” coming from the Emirates.

In the details of the seizure, a notification was received to the Customs Search and Investigation Department at the Air Cargo Customs, with information indicating that the shipment of “pallets” coming from the United Arab Emirates contained prohibited materials. On the lookout, the shipment was carefully inspected, and 29 cartons were found hidden in four “pallets”, and by inspecting the cartons, it was found that they contained about 3 tons of tobacco, which is prohibited from importing according to the customs laws issued in this regard in accordance with the instructions of the Ministries of Commerce and Health, and the necessary customs procedures were taken.



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