Corona Care patients .. the lowest since January

he Ministry of Health continues to record positive indicators of the Corona virus in the country, the latest of which was the decrease in the number of patients in intensive care units designated for Covid 19 in public hospitals, compared to previous periods, while the information indicates the need to continue to adhere to the application of health requirements, avoid contact and attend in locations that lack social distancing and wear The masks are in them, with the aim of not catching the virus infection and transmitting it to other segments, whether in workplaces or even to family members at home. 

According to official figures, the total number of cases in intensive care the day before yesterday reached 99, after the numbers were up to 306 patients at the end of last July, and 296 cases at the end of June, and 150 cases in late May, compared to 219 cases on the 30th of last April, and 241 Late March, 156 cases at the end of February, and 58 in late January 2021.

Minimum number

Perhaps the decrease in daily infection rates and the arrival of the number of patients in care to the lowest number in many months, is one of the general positive indicators of an improvement in the epidemiological situation, in addition to the significant decrease in deaths due to complications from the virus recently, but caution is required by all segments of society, especially with the reopening Some activities, the resumption of commercial flights with some countries, the return of travelers from abroad, and the imminent start of the new school season, which will be directly preceded by teachers for their work in schools next month.

These indicators coincide with the intensification of the Ministry of Health’s vaccination campaign targeting separate segments, and its closeness to reaching the required community immunity within a short period of time, overcoming previous difficulties related to the disruption of the dates of arrival of vaccine batches, which many countries of the world suffered from, as well as incorrect rumors about vaccination. Quite a few numbers have been reluctant to take the vaccine doses so far, despite the virus’s risks to people with chronic diseases and risk factors, other diseases, and even healthy people.

Confidence in the system

There are calls for the importance of cooperation with the instructions of the Ministry of Health regarding registration in the electronic platform by some hesitant, after more than 8 months have passed since the start of the vaccination campaign, as well as the importance of trusting the health system and its workers, who did not delay publishing what is scientific and correct On the safety and effectiveness of anti-epidemic vaccines, with the aim of reaching the goals of the vaccination campaign and protecting society from the dangers of Covid 19 and its variants, and the repercussions of the pandemic in general.

This comes at a time when the abundance of vaccines contributed to citizens and residents obtaining close appointments, whether for the first or second dose, and according to medical recommendations, compared to previous times of the Corona crisis, and the absence of any delay in them, which indicates that the ministry is moving in the right direction towards its related goals. The vaccination campaign, especially with the continued turnout by male and female students for the age group between 12 and 15 years, which is given to them in separate locations, whether in Mushrif or other health centers.

The improvement continues

For his part, Chairman of the Advisory Committee to Confront Corona, Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah, affirmed that the epidemiological situation in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries continues to improve, pointing to a decrease in infection indicators, according to the extrapolation of the epidemiological surveillance system, for the fourth week in a row.

Al-Jarallah added, through his account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “The vaccination rates have been raised to include all those who wish according to age groups.”


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