Afghan girl gives birth over Kuwaiti airspace on evacuation flight

An Afghan girl was born on Saturday morning during a Turkish Airlines evacuation flight, Turkish Airlines announced in a statement.

Turkish Airlines said Suman Nuri, 26, “was born at an altitude of 10,000 meters above the surface of the earth.”

The delivery took place with the help of the cabin crew, and both the baby and mother were fine.

After leaving the flight from Dubai to the United Kingdom, Nouri gave birth at around 4:00 a.m. “Turkish time” over Kuwaiti airspace, according to Turkish Airlines.

According to the statement, “After the pregnant passenger informed the flight crew of labor pains, the crew asked if there was a doctor on the plane, given the absence of a doctor on the flight, the flight crew facilitated the delivery according to their training.”

Turkish Airlines said that the plane landed in Kuwait as a precaution, and its flight continued to Birmingham with the girl and her family.

The father named Taj Mohamat, 30, and Suman Nuri, their daughter, Hafa, who is their third child.


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