Record decrease in the rate of “Corona” infections

Indicators of the epidemiological situation of the Corona virus in the country continued to improve, as Friday witnessed a record decrease in the percentage of infections for the number of swabs, with it reaching 1.16 percent, in addition to recording one death and 168 new cases of “Covid”.

The official spokesman for the ministry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, said that with the registration of 168 new injuries in the past 24 hours, the total number of cases registered in the country increased to 409177, and that with the registration of a death case, the total number of deaths reached 2415.

Al-Sanad added to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that 433 cases of recovery were also recorded, bringing the total number of people recovered to 403852, indicating that the percentage of total recovery cases out of the total injuries amounted to 98.70 percent.

Al-Sanad stated that the number of people receiving medical care in the intensive care departments reached 99, while the total number of cases that were confirmed to be infected and still receiving the necessary care reached 2,910, while the total number of cases in the “Covid wards” reached 221.

He stated that the number of swabs that were conducted during the same period amounted to 14,504, bringing the total number of examinations to 3,738,636.

With regard to the percentage of injuries in the governorates, he said that it reached 28 percent in Hawalli, 26 percent in Ahmadi, 19 percent in Farwaniya, 15 percent in the capital, and finally 12 percent in Jahra.

He renewed the call to continue to take preventive measures, avoid contact with others, and ensure physical distancing, recommending visiting the accounts of the Ministry of Health and official authorities in the country to see the instructions and recommendations and everything that would contribute to containing the spread of the virus.


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