Camping season begins on November 15th

The Director-General of Kuwait Municipality, Deputy Chairman of the Ministerial Committee to Follow up on the Application of Health Requirements, Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, announced the start of the camping season from next November 15 until March 15, 2022.

Al-Manfouhi said, in a press statement yesterday, after the committee’s meeting, that the committee presented a study on the health requirements and precautionary measures that will be taken related to the return of the camping season in the wilderness, in addition to implementing the Cabinet’s decision regarding the return of commercial activities for children on the first of next September, noting. The study touched on the importance of having a sufficient distance for each camp from the other on the land.

Al-Manfouhi added that the study indicated the need to give more spaces than before to some public benefit associations that wish to reserve places on the ground for the camping season in order to maintain physical distance as a precaution against the Corona virus.

He explained that the committee’s supervisory field teams will hold meetings during the next two days with commercial companies concerned with the return of children’s activities to explain the health requirements and precautionary measures to be applied to children as a preventive measure, adding that children’s interruption from practicing these activities, whether in malls or entertainment stores for a long time, will result in Crowded places for commercial activities for children.

Al-Manfouhi revealed a mechanism to determine the number of children allowed to enter, explaining that reducing their numbers is important, as a study from the Ministry of Health showed that some children are infected with the Corona virus, but they do not show any symptoms, which may cause the virus to be transmitted to their families, especially the elderly.

On the other hand, sources confirmed that the Spring Camps Committee will hold its first meeting next September to determine the sites allowed for camping.


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