Kuwait Airways transported 10,000 passengers and 6,000 tons of goods between Kuwait and China

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Airways, Captain Issa Al-Haddad, received a message from the Chinese Ambassador to the country, Li Minggang, which included congratulating Kuwait Airways on the one-year anniversary of operating direct flights between Kuwait and the Chinese city of Guangzhou, transporting about 10,000 passengers back and forth, and about 6,000 tons of goods between the two countries. .

In the congratulatory message, Gang said that this contributed to deepening and facilitating the humanitarian and trade exchange between the two countries, especially in light of the difficult global situation due to the novel coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic, adding that these trips are a bridge of friendship and cooperation linking the Chinese and Kuwaiti peoples.

The letter included Gang’s thanks to Kuwait Airways for the good coordination and cooperation to implement the health conditions for these flights regarding the review of the results of the PCR swab test and antibodies for all travelers.

He stated that after this coordination, the flights operated smoothly and successfully thanks to the joint efforts between the two parties, which led to the preservation of the health and safety of all.

He expressed his best wishes to Kuwait Airways, looking forward to the contribution of these flights in strengthening the strategic partnership relations between the two countries.

For his part, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Captain Issa Al-Haddad, expressed his happiness with this generous message received by Kuwait Airways from Ambassador Gang, and the thanks and praise it contained for the contribution of Kuwait Airways to strengthening relations between the two countries at all levels, especially at the commercial level, which also contributes to developing them at all levels. The long-term benefit and interest of both countries.

Al-Haddad said that Kuwait Airways chooses its destinations very carefully and after careful study to meet the growing demand, noting at the same time that the Guangzhou destination is one of the excellent destinations for businessmen, tourists and other travelers.

He added that the message confirms that Kuwait Airways is on a firm and correct path towards achieving its desired goals and implementing its plans drawn up by the Board of Directors, headed by Chairman of the Board Ali Al-Dukhan, to develop the Blue Bird in a manner that meets the needs of valued customers to achieve full satisfaction with the company’s services and what it offers them on board its planes. By operating and launching new and diverse destinations despite the current conditions that the commercial aviation sector is going through worldwide in the face of the emerging Corona Virus (Covid 19) pandemic and its impact on commercial operation.


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