Sri Lankan labor agencies increased the commission rate to 850 dinars

Arabic local newspaper Al-Qabas reported that domestic labor agencies in Sri Lanka raised the value of the commission for new contracts to Kuwait and set it at 850 dinars, an increase of 50 dinars over the previous price. Informed sources said that these agencies prevent Kuwaiti offices and agencies from receiving requests for Sri Lankan domestic workers under the age of 40, while the younger ones are directed to other countries.

Regarding the domestic labor market, the sources stated that the coming period, with the return of direct flights, will increase both from “the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka”, in addition to waiting for the completion of the Kuwaiti-Ethiopian agreement on domestic labor, to open the door for workers from there, indicating that the movement of arrivals Domestic workers from the Philippines and India are currently limited, due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic.

In the context, and with the decision of the Council of Ministers to re-run commercial flights with a number of Asian countries, especially those that export domestic workers to Kuwait, the government agencies concerned with the “safety” platform began working on preparing a mechanism for the return of domestic workers stuck in those countries, most notably “India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

According to the information, the expected mechanism concerns the return of domestic workers, who hold valid residencies, as well as procedures for receiving new contracts from “India and Sri Lanka”. 



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