DGCA Issues circular on opening direct flight with India,Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal

Based on the decision of the Council of  Ministers and health authorities, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a circular resuming direct commercial flights with India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal with the adherence to the related special health regulations.

The residents of the following category would be allowed to enter Kuwait-

Immunized categories:  

Those who vaccinated with approved vaccines in the state of Kuwait: –

– Pfizer BioNTech vaccine (two doses).

– AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine (two doses).

– Moderna vaccine (two doses).

– Johnson & Johnson vaccine (one dose).

In addition to the above-immunized categories, those who received two doses of one of the unapproved vaccines in the state of Kuwait (Sino pharm – Sinovac – Sputnik)  must receive at least one additional dose of one of the approved vaccines in the state of  Kuwait.

Proof of immunization: – 

Immunized in the state of Kuwait:

-Must prove immunization upon arrival to the country through (Immune or Kuwait mobile ID or Kuwait-Mosafer).

Immunized outside the state of Kuwait:

Immunization to be proven by presenting  vaccination certificate includes the following:

  1. Name matching to travel passport.
  2. Type of vaccination received.
  3. Date of doses taken.
  4. Name of vaccine agency.
  5. Electronic Readable QR code. If no QR code is available, then the vaccination certificate must be uploaded through the Ministry of Health website for authentication.

Domestic worker: – 

– Non-immunized domestic workers can be recruited as listed in the above Item (FIRST) by registration in (Bilsalamah) platform.

All airlines must announce during the flight the necessity of the activation (Shlonik)  program upon arrival to the state of Kuwait.


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