Vaccinating 18,000 workers daily in 4 centers

As part of its plans to reach the required societal immunity against “Covid 19” within a short period of time, the Ministry of Health has launched more than one center for anti-Coronavirus vaccinations, especially in areas that witness the presence of large numbers of expatriate workers, as it succeeded in relieving pressure on vaccination centers in Musharraf and Sheikh Jaber Bridge significantly, as the number of workers who receive the vaccine daily in their areas of residence and work exceeded 18,000.

The expansion of vaccination centers in residential areas, in addition to the campaigns of mobile field units in separate facilities and other centers in other government agencies, has led to an increase in daily vaccination rates to more than 100,000 vaccinations recently, which begins to reach community immunity soon.

The Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Youth Center, which was designated to vaccinate workers, receives more than 6,000 visitors daily, while similar numbers are vaccinated in the vaccination center at Al-Tadamun Sports Club, as they work around the same time, during the period from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, while the Employment Vaccination Center witnesses In the Kabd region, doses are given to more than 3,000 workers daily, by receiving the workers of companies whose officials register their workers on the electronic platform for vaccinations.

With regard to vaccination at the Wafra Center, vaccinations are continuing this week, due to the continued influx of large numbers of workers so far, as the first day of its inauguration witnessed the vaccination of 2500 workers, while the number of those vaccinated during the last Friday and Saturday reached nearly 6000, and by 3,000 vaccinations per day.

The health teams are scheduled to go to vaccinate farm workers in Abdali after completing the abundance, as well as preparing the special site for vaccinations, before announcing the reception of workers. 



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