Youth Authority: The Facilities Management project aims to provide Kuwaiti youth with skills and capabilities qualified for the labor market

The Director-General of the Public Authority for Youth, Dr. Mishaal Al-Rabee, confirmed that (the rehabilitation project for facilities management in Sabah Al-Salem University City) of the authority aims to qualify newly graduated Kuwaiti youth in engineering disciplines to provide them with skills and capabilities qualified for the labor market through the implementation of a number of specialized projects and training courses for facilities management.

Al-Rabea said in a press statement today, Sunday, that the (Facilities Management) project, which is being held in cooperation with Kuwait University, targets newly graduated Kuwaiti students and Kuwait University employees to qualify them to manage facilities through the work of a training project that includes specialized theoretical and field courses according to a three-month timetable starting on the fifth of May. next September.

He added that part of the project will be theoretical and the other will be in the field at Kuwait University, and the training will be supervised by specialists whose mission is to certify the certificates of trainees in facilities management in the Middle East.

He pointed out that the (Facilities Management) project is one of the sub-projects within the (Work Makers) project included in the state development plan (2021-2025), as it works on preparing integrated projects for youth within the areas of the national youth policy approved by the Council of Ministers and charged with implementing the Public Authority for Youth.

For his part, the Acting Assistant Secretary-General for Facilities Management Affairs at Kuwait University, Ali Al-stad, said that the facilities management project submitted by the authority is unique in government institutions and is a distinctive addition to the steps taken by the university regarding the management of Sabah Al-Salem University City facilities.

The stadium added that the trainees will be rehabilitated using modern scientific methods to manage the university city facilities to take care of them and provide an appropriate environment for all university members and visitors in line with the size of the city and its multiple facilities.



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