Two expatriates were imprisoned and deported for driving without a license

The officer of the Public Relations and Media Department of the General Traffic Department, Major Abdullah Buhassan, said that the traffic court judge issued a ruling yesterday morning detaining two expatriates, one of whom was 6 months and 15 days, and the other 3 weeks, and deported them from the country after carrying out the penalty, for committing a violation of driving a vehicle without obtaining a driving license.

Buhassan added that this ruling is the second in less than a week. Last week, the traffic court judge issued a ruling to imprison 3 expatriates for a period of 3 weeks and deport them from the country after carrying out the sentence; for committing the same offence.

On the ground, Buhassan said that the traffic and operations sector continued to implement traffic security campaigns to pursue reckless and grave traffic violations that endanger the lives of road users, which resulted in the issuance of 29,914 traffic violations, the seizure of 53 vehicles and motorcycles, and the referral of 50 violators to the custody of the General Administration Traffic, referring 10 juveniles to the Juvenile Prosecution, seizing 14 vehicles wanted by security and judicial authorities, as well as arresting 3 people wanted by the General Administration of Criminal Execution and Civil Execution, and referring 3 expatriates to the Department of Dimensions to be arrested for driving vehicles without obtaining a driver’s license.

Buhassan stated that the General Administration of Emergency Police carried out 655 security operations during the past week, recorded 1,254 traffic violations, and dealt with 47 traffic accidents, in addition to dealing with 13 people without identity proof, as well as dealing with 5 quarrels, and seizing 7 cases of drug abuse


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