Limited seats impede the return of those coming from the new 6 countries

Even though the Council of Ministers has decided to allow six more countries — Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan — to operate direct flights to and from Kuwait, sources said the limited seats allotted to each country will impede the return of those stranded abroad.

The same sources said the authorities at the Kuwait International Airport receive until Thursday noon did not receive instructions on the Cabinet decision, and this prevents the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation from setting a travel time table to these destinations.

The sources stated the airport authorities are fully geared up to deal with any increase in the number of inbound passengers and open the airspace for all countries.

In the event there is no increase in the number of arrivals, this will disrupt the implementation of the new decision, because at the moment the set up is to receive 7,500 passengers daily.

In this context, the head of the Federation of Kuwaiti Tourism and Travel Offices, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, told Al-Qabas that the Cabinet’s decision should coincide with the abolition of the maximum limit set for passengers arriving into the country.

Accordingly, passengers coming from the six new travel destinations will face difficulties in booking tickets, if the passenger allotment is not increased.


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