The Ministry of Education: the academic calendar plan and the distribution of classes next week

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, d. Ali Al-Yacoub, held a meeting with ministry leaders, to discuss preparations for the return of schools at the beginning of the 2021/2022 academic year.

And the Ministry of Education said, in a statement, yesterday, that “the meeting discussed the executive procedures for the return plan, and discussed the comprehensive guideline in which the mechanism of work will be determined, and how to deal with school administrations, teachers, students and parents, in addition to discussing the academic calendar, which In it, the start dates and dates of work, the end of classes and exams will be determined.

In addition, educational sources revealed to Al-Jarida that the technical guidance for the study materials is working on developing plans for the management of the class, so that its time (60 minutes) is distributed to include several educational aspects, in addition to some interactive activities, to avoid students getting bored, pointing out The Department of Coordination and Follow-up of Public Education is in the process of finalizing a draft decision on the dates and timings of work hours, determining the time of classes and the dates of exams, and it is expected that it will be officially issued next week.



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