Salute to Kuwait :The UN praises Kuwait support to alleviate the suffering of humanitarian crises around the world

The Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Resident Coordinator in the State of Kuwait, Dr. Tariq Al-Sheikh, praised the support provided by Kuwait at the international level to alleviate the suffering of humanitarian crises around the world.

In a press statement on the occasion of the World Humanitarian Day, Sheikh said that Kuwait is at the forefront of countries providing humanitarian and development aid, praising the recent support it provided to many countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Yemen, Greece, Tunisia and India.

He added that what the Kuwaiti government provided proves its commitment to humanity and its keenness to tackle disasters during various times.

He explained that despite the world’s celebration of the World Humanitarian Day, the world is still stuck in a climate emergency state of forest fires, heat waves, floods and severe storms, which were not slowed by the Corona pandemic.

He stressed the importance of investing in building sustainability, resisting environmental changes, and providing access to vaccines for all as soon as possible.

On August 19 of each year, the United Nations celebrates the World Humanitarian Day, which comes to remind the world of the humanitarian situation faced by millions of people around the world as a result of natural disasters and armed conflicts, and to emphasize the role of humanitarian workers who risk their lives to provide humanitarian aid and humanitarian services to the affected and needy. (the end)
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