Manpower: Increasing the percentage of Kuwaitis being hired in private schools

The Deputy Director-General for National Manpower Affairs in the Public Authority for Manpower Sultan Al-Shaalani met with representatives of the Union of Owners of Private Schools and Cultural Institutes, in the presence of the Union’s President, Noura Al-Ghanim.

In a statement, Al-Shaalani revealed that the meeting aimed to identify job vacancies in private education companies, pointing to the authority’s keenness to increase the percentage of national workers in private educational companies and employ them in private schools and cultural institutes, in line with the needs of the labor market in the private educational sector in the State of Kuwait.

Al-Shaalani also presented a definition of the most important guidance and employment services in the authority and the possibility of coordinating with the federation on identifying vacancies in private education companies affiliated with the federation of owners of private schools and cultural institutes, and cooperating during the coming period to establish a career day.

Al-Shaalani stressed the workforce’s keenness to identify the obstacles that private schools face in appointing citizens looking for work, following them up and working to develop the best solutions for them to serve the national cadres looking for work and looking forward to fruitful cooperation with representatives of the Union of Private School Owners and Cultural Institutes, with the aim of raising the employment rate their national and achieve due replacement of national labor.

He continued: We are working to support all parties with the aim of increasing the percentage of national labor, through coordination with these bodies, to provide job opportunities for national workers in the private sector.



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