Indian Ambassador: We are ready to grant Kuwait facilities regarding the recruitment of domestic workers

While the Indian Ambassador, Sibi George, wished to increase the proportion of Indian workers in the country, he affirmed his country’s readiness to give Kuwait aid and more domestic workers and facilities in this regard and open the doors to bring them.

During his visit to the Acting Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower, Dr. Mubarak Al-Jafour, Sebi discussed today issues of common interest, especially matters related to Indian labor, the joint memorandum of understanding and the search for ways to strengthen relations between the Republic of India and the State of Kuwait.

He indicated that Kuwait has its cooperative and moderate policy and that it is a state of law, in addition to the keenness of the two parties to joint cooperation with regard to Indian labor.

In turn, Al-Jafour expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Republic of India for the assistance it provided to various crews and various labor fields.



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