Trump calls on Biden to resign

Republican former US President Donald Trump on Sunday called on his Democratic successor to resign over the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan, but also because of what he considered mismanagement by Joe Biden of other files such as the pandemic.

“It’s time for Joe Biden to resign,” Trump wrote in a statement, citing “the disgrace of what he has allowed to happen in Afghanistan combined with the massive surge (in cases) of Covid, the border disaster, the destruction of energy independence, and our crippled economy.”

And he said in another statement on Sunday that “what Joe Biden did in Afghanistan is legendary. It will become one of the greatest defeats in American history!”

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who fled Afghanistan, acknowledged Sunday evening that “the Taliban has won.” 

Nearly twenty years after its expulsion from power, the Taliban’s military victory has become complete with the collapse of government forces in the absence of American support.

Biden defended his decision to end a twenty-year war in this country.

On Sunday, he said, “I am the fourth president to rule with an American military deployment in Afghanistan (…) I do not want to transfer this war to a fifth president.”

On Thursday, Trump blamed Biden for the Taliban’s military advances in Afghanistan, saying the current situation was “unacceptable”.

“If I were president now, the world would know that our withdrawal from Afghanistan is conditional,” Trump said in a statement.

“The withdrawal could have been different and more successful, and the Taliban knew that better than anyone else,” he added.

“I have personally held talks with Taliban leaders and they understand that what they are doing today will not be acceptable,” he added


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