Auditing 144,000 foreign vaccination certificates

In light of the acceleration of openness steps after controlling the third wave of “Corona”, the auditing team for the certificates of vaccinators abroad at the Ministry of Health doubled its efforts, and completed the audit of the majority of certificates registered on the ministry’s platform until yesterday (August 15), by about 87.6 percent, According to strict accreditation standards.

Informed sources revealed to Al-Rai that the number of registered citizens and residents on the ministry’s platform for checking the certificates of those who received the “Covid-19” vaccine abroad amounted to 165,145 certificates, noting that the specialized technical team completed auditing 144,768 certificates, as of August 15. .

A total of 91,805 certificates were approved for accreditation, while 52,963 certificates were rejected, at a rate of 36.5 percent of the registered certificates.

In this context, the sources indicated that the reasons for refusal may be related to the type of vaccine, failure to complete the vaccination data, or the certificate not containing a QR code through which the certification authority is verified and its validity.

Noting that the audit rate reaches 100 percent, if it is taken into account that thousands of certificates were recently downloaded from the total number of registrants, the sources confirmed that the specialized technical team daily approves and rejects thousands of certificates, according to accurate accreditation standards, to prevent any forgery or fraud. Manipulation that threatens the health of citizens, residents and the health system.

It concluded by recalling that a citizen whose vaccination certificate is not approved is treated as a “non-vaccinated” upon his return to the country, and is therefore subject to institutional quarantine, while an expatriate whose certificate is not approved cannot enter the country


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