A full return to government work today

After a year and a half of gradual work, one of the main features of the return to normal life begins to appear with the return of all employees in government agencies today, in implementation of the decision of the Civil Service Commission, which set the conditions for returning to work at 100%, returning the fingerprint and canceling all exemptions for the pandemic period.

Sources in the Civil Service Bureau confirmed that the decision issued in accordance with the instructions of the Council of Ministers to return all employees and raise work capacity to the pre-pandemic nature, imposes continued adherence to health requirements, and not to be lenient in wearing masks within the corridors of government agencies, indicating that the most important instructions that must be followed. In order to prevent the accumulation of employees, it is to redistribute employees within departments, even temporarily, and to use them in support work within the scope of the administration, with the redistribution of offices, and great care not to establish special gatherings in relation to food.

Regarding the fingerprint mechanism, the sources said that most ministries have started replacing some fingerprint devices to prove attendance and departure in most of their departments, and using others that support the face print, revealing a mechanism that the Bureau is working on by developing fingerprint systems linked to integrated systems, provided that the fingerprint is launched through an application on Smart devices, especially in some jobs that are field-based in nature.

they stated that each party is responsible for the absence of its employees, as it will be subject to an administrative violation if it does not comply with the decision to return employees, pointing out that government agencies should continue to receive their auditors through government applications for appointments to prevent crowding of auditors.



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