Two weeks of quarantine for the upcoming domestic workers within their monthly wage

Local Arbic news paper aljarida reported that Head of the Voluntary Committee to Follow-up on the Conditions of Domestic Workers, Bassam Al-Shammari, revealed that the quarantine period applicable to domestic workers coming to the country, which is set at two weeks since the date of arrival, is counted among their monthly salaries, pointing out that employers (sponsors) bear the payment of workers’ salaries since their arrival in Kuwait. .

Al-Shammari told that if a worker is confirmed infected while working for their sponsor, and then an institutional quarantine or home isolation is imposed on them, they deserves to pay them full monthly salary without deducting the period of quarantine or isolation, noting that all neighboring countries follow the same thing about dealing with Domestic workers infected with “Covid 19”, in order to preserve the rights of this category of workers.

labor transfer

In addition, Al-Shammari called on the Public Authority for Manpower, represented by the Department of Regulating the Recruitment of Domestic Workers, to reconsider the opening of transferring these workers from one employer to another, according to specific cases, including the expiry of the contract period and the worker’s unwillingness to renew with his current sponsor and obtaining a An employment contract with another in the event of a labor dispute that confirms the sponsor’s violation of the terms of the contract, in addition to the death of the employer, and cases of separation and divorce in which the worker must be given the option to continue with the wife or transfer.

Al-Shammari stressed that opening the transfer to domestic workers fills a large area of ​​the shortage that Kuwait has been suffering from for more than a year, and allows citizens and residents the freedom to choose between bringing new ones or using services that actually exist inside the country.


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