Kuwaiti figs in the markets

The successes of the Kuwaiti farmer in the agricultural field continue, until he reached his farmer in the production of some types of fruits in commercial quantities, and the most prominent of these achievements is his success in displaying the fruits of delicious figs in the markets of some consumer cooperative societies.

Agricultural researcher “Alaa”, the supervisor of the first Al-Jeriwi farm, says, “Commercial production began at Al-Jeriwi farm since the beginning of July 2021, with 150-350 small white cork cartons per day, weighing 650 grams, of the Jassim, Al-Hasawi and Al-Masry varieties. Of course, all production is from figs, and other fruits. , through the cooled reserves, but at Al-Jeriwi farm, we are expanding and focusing more on growing figs for sale in some associations’ markets.”

He pointed out that other types of fruits are for family use, the most famous of which are papaya, bananas, mangoes, grapes, guava, amber, cream, apples, peaches and various citrus fruits.

And he indicated that “the production of figs at Al-Jeriwi farm is from good to better, so in each season of fig production from July until the end of November approximately, we collect larger quantities than the previous season since the early hours of the day and send them via refrigerated transport vehicles, on the same day to some cooperative societies markets. Consumerism inside Kuwait, to be sold all in a few hours, given the distinction of Kuwaiti figs with freshness, freshness and delicious taste together.”



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