Health: Granting periodic vacations to employees for a period not exceeding two weeks

it was issued by the Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Mustafa Reda issued an administrative circular stipulating that the Ministry of Health should continue the mechanism of granting periodic vacations to workers in the ministry in accordance with the previously established controls, provided that the competent assistant undersecretary or the director of the health zone decides on the leaves submitted by the employees of each of them and grants exceptions, provided that the employee’s direct manager approves, taking into account the work needs The service is not affected according to the rules and regulations.

The administrative circular, which carried No. 60 of 2021, stated that the leave period should not exceed 14 days, in addition to the fact that if the leave is spent outside Kuwait, the prescribed health requirements will apply.

The circular indicated that this comes within the framework of the ministry’s keenness on the smooth progress of work and providing the best health services.



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