Education: Completing the procedures for appointing new teachers

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Assistant for Administrative Affairs and Administrative Development, Raja Bouarki, stated that the sector is ready to receive male and female teachers, male and female students, in school seats for the new academic year 2022/2021.

Bouarki explained that the Human Resources Department is currently working on completing the appointment procedures by conducting a medical examination for members of the educational staff in the State of Kuwait and determining their work centers, in addition to local contracts in various literary and scientific disciplines that the public education sector needs to stabilize the educational process and distribute them to the various educational areas.

Bouarki indicated that the Department of Development and Development coordinated with the Microsoft team to establish the “Darbni” platform for remote training to train the rapid intervention team in each school, similar to what was done before in the paper tests for the twelfth grade.

he stated that the ministry is in the process of developing a joint training program between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to train the target group of teachers at all educational levels, to start at the beginning of the next academic year, where it is provided by a specialized group of doctors to train teams on how to implement the health requirements plan in order to achieve a safe healthy environment According to health requirements.

he stated that the General Services Department is currently working on following up the required hygiene work for all schools in the various educational districts so that the rest of the sectors can complete their work inside the schools, wishing a safe return for our male and female students and for educational and administrative bodies.



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