What do you do when your WhatsApp account is hacked?

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular chatting applications in the world, with more than two billion people using it.

Hackers seek to hack WhatsApp accounts and harm them and friends, but if you happen to be hacked, do the following: 

 The first step that anyone should do after hacking their account is to send a message to technical support on Whatsapp – [email protected]

¬†You must mention in the message words such as “stolen” or “missing”, and please suspend the account, and it is necessary to write your phone number in the message.read all the latest tech news at kuwaitofferings.com

Then, it is important for the person to install and remove the account from the phone several times at different times throughout the day, to confuse the hackers.

 Do not forget to inform your relatives and friends that the account has been hacked, and ask them not to respond to any messages received from your WhatsApp account.

The WhatsApp application is activated by entering your personal phone number in the data field of the application, and in order to verify the identity of the person, WhatsApp sends a 6-digit verification code.

This is of course one of several ways to hack an account.

You will have 30 days after suspending your WhatsApp account to restore the files in it, otherwise they will be permanently deleted in the backup


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