Proposal to reduce the visa renewal fees of those over 60 from KD 2000 to KD 500

Arabic local news paper Alrai reported that The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman, asked the Board of Directors of the Manpower Authority to reconsider the KD 2,000 fee for work permit renewal of those expats aged over 60 years with no college degree.

Informed sources told the daily that Al-Salman referred his request to the Manpower Board of Directors for the recommendation, he asked to reduce the renewal fee to KD 500, in addition to health insurance from a private insurance company.

While the authority’s board of directors is likely to meet next week to discuss Al-Salman’s request, the sources indicated that the minister’s proposal has special merit. It is difficult for the largest segment included in the decision to bear the cost of KD 2000, in addition to the health insurance in the private sector.



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