Kuwait palm trees..the best types of dates

In these days every year, palm trees in Kuwait are adorned with the ripening of the humid of various types and colors ranging from yellow, brown, red and green, to add a picturesque beauty wherever it is found in homes, streets, main roads, gardens and farms, announcing the beginning of reaping the fruits of the “summer fruit”.

By its wall, “Al-Barhi”, “Al-Ikhlas” and “Sukkari” top the types of Kuwaiti table dates, but Al-Barhi sits on the throne of the demand list and occupies the first place in sales of dates in the markets. .

The names of the fruits of the palm crop differ according to the stages of fruit ripening from one country to another. In the State of Kuwait, in its first stages it is called “Khalla”, the middle is “Rampa” and the last is “Tamra”, while the process of ripening and harvesting takes place during July, August and September of each year.


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