Great demand for vaccination during the days of the Islamic New Year holidays

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, said that the vaccination against the emerging corona virus “Covid 19” witnessed a great turnout and response by citizens and residents during the days of the Islamic New Year holiday in various centers spread in the country.

Al-Sanad added in a statement to Kuwait News Agency today, Monday, that the continued acceleration of the vaccination campaign was reflected in the improvement of indicators for evaluating the epidemiological situation and approaching achieving the desired goals in order to achieve community immunity and return to normal life.

He explained that the centers that continued to provide vaccinations during the holidays are the Kuwait Center for the “Covid 19” vaccination in the exhibition grounds in the Mishref area, the Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge Center, the vaccination center in the Solidarity Club and the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Youth Center.

And he indicated that the centers that worked during the holiday included primary health care centers, public hospital centers, the liver center and the traveler clinic, as well as coordination with the vaccination centers at the Ahmadi Hospital of the Oil Company, the Police Officers Club, the National Guard Vaccination Center, in addition to Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital for the Armed Forces.

Al-Sanad valued the cooperation of citizens and residents and their continued commitment to prevention measures, expressing his thanks to the medical, nursing, technical, support, administrative and volunteer cadres that continued their efforts to provide service during the holidays.

The Ministry of Health had announced earlier that it would send about 100,000 appointments per day for vaccination, distributed to about 101 vaccination centers spread across all governorates of the country.



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