Public Authority for Civil Information : 10 new devices for issuing and storing cards

The Public Authority for Civil Information has increased the number of civil ID storage devices in the auditors’ reception halls in the main building in the ministries area.

The authority has developed smart devices characterized by the ability to read automatic barcodes through the users’ phones, which they obtain electronically upon applying for a civil card “replacement for lost, or for the first time” without the need to visit the service employee in it.

According to Al-Qabas the Civil Information Headquarters, the commission has installed about 10 devices operating according to the new system in the reception halls in the South Surra region, bringing the total number of devices in the authority’s buildings spread across the governorates to 80 devices.

storage capacity

The tour showed that the Cards Distribution and Issuance Department continued to receive the transactions of citizens and residents who wish to expedite the issuance in light of the crisis of the accumulation of cards stranded abroad, which takes up space from the devices and does not allow for an increase in storage in them, as the capacity of one device is 5,000 cards.

The operation of the new devices in the authority contributed to an increase in the storage capacity of civil cards, while informed sources revealed an increase in the frequency of delivery of ready-made civil cards through the service provided by the authority.

Features of modern devices

1 Read the electronic barcode uploaded to the auditors’ devices.

2 obviates the need to review the employees to obtain a replacement card.

3 It dispenses with going to the employee to get the issuance card for the first time.

4 Store thousands of new cards and deliver them to reviewers.



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