Indian Ambassador:USD 1.05 billion India’s exports to Kuwait in 2020-2021

Indian Ambassador Sibi George affirmed that India and Kuwait are natural trading partners, and that the economic and trade relationship between the two countries is getting stronger, pointing out that India is one of the main sources of exports to Kuwait of various food products, including grains, especially rice, fresh fruits and vegetables and marine products, and that his country is looking at To Kuwait as a hub for its exports to other countries in the region.

In his speech during his participation in the virtual conference, regarding exploring the market potential of Indian foreign products, George said that “India enjoys a high market share in Kuwait, for many other product categories including electrical machinery, jewelry, clothing, organic chemicals, timber, wood products and ceramic products. Cotton, silk and others,” noting that “in the past three years, Indian exports to Kuwait averaged $1.2 billion, with exports of $1.05 billion in 2020-2021, despite the impact of the (Covid 19) virus as the supply lines from India remained without interruption, even during closures, which contributed to food security in Kuwait.”

He stated that the Embassy of India in Kuwait envisioned, and established various communication platforms, to engage all stakeholders in the field of trade, business and investments and transform the seller-buyer relationship into a mutually beneficial economic partnership for the benefit of the citizens of the two countries, noting that “the Indian Business Network (IBN) and the Indian Professional Network ( IPN) are among the platforms in Kuwait to bring together all stakeholders to promote trade, business and investment between India and Kuwait.”

He said, “The embassy has organized several trade promotion events, webinars, digital exhibitions and web conferences focusing on various products and sectors, including agricultural products, textiles, automobiles and marine products, and in the coming weeks and months, the embassy will focus on high-value products and expand the reach of New products coming to Kuwait from India, as his country views Kuwait as a hub for exports to other countries in the region.”



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