Health: The condition of the escalator accident child and his mother are stable

The Ministry of Health confirmed that it is following the developments of the health status of the child, who and his mother had an accident on an escalator recently in a shopping mall.

The official spokesman for the ministry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad on the keenness of the Ministry of Health to provide the best means of health care for him and his mother, within the framework of the main pillars of the Ministry that aim to implement comprehensive quality standards and enhance the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of health services provided to all patients.join our telegram group to know the latest news in Kuwait

Al-Sanad thanked the efforts of the medical staff that contributed to aiding the child and his mother, and which dealt with the case during the first hours of the accident, and the teams that are providing care for him at the present time, wishing the child and his generous family to pass this stage of treatment successfully, and may God protect everyone from all Bad and hateful.



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