MOI plans to ban residents from traveling unless they pay their traffic dues

The Ministry of Interior intends to issue a decision banning residents from traveling unless they pay their traffic violations, in addition to linking the ministry with other government agencies, with the aim of stopping any treatment of citizens and residents who have traffic violations, until those violations are paid and then the transactions are completed.

Informed security sources told that “this matter is in force in all the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and in light of this, the traffic sector is considering submitting a proposal to be submitted to the Minister of Interior Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali to issue a decision regulating the collection of traffic violations accumulated by citizens and residents, which are estimated at millions of dollars.” Dinars, especially since there are large amounts of them that are non-existent, for violators who have died or are imprisoned, in addition to a large number of residents who left the country permanently, which put the Ministry in a predicament with the regulatory authorities and the Audit Bureau, as they are public funds and must be collected in any way so as not to be lost. on the state treasury.

Acording to the sources, “among the suggestions, is to prevent residents of the country from traveling before paying traffic violations, by setting up special offices at land, air and sea border ports for collection, as well as linking customs and the interior to prevent any vehicle registered with traffic violations from leaving the land ports, and that Within the framework of cooperation between government agencies, especially since there is no law that prevents a citizen who has violations from traveling.”

The sources indicated that “the traffic sector is also studying the possibility of sending text messages (SMS) to the violator’s phone immediately after the violation is issued, so that he is informed and can know the type of violation and its fine, and to be able to pay it so that it does not accumulate on him and discover it when completing his transaction in the official departments.”



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