An upcoming meeting to discuss the entry of Gulf nationals and visa holders

The Government agencies are seeking ways to solve the problem, citizens and residents face due to restrictions related to travel and return procedures, immunization requirements, and the approval of vaccination certificates, Al Raid daily reported.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) reiterated that the approval of the Covid-19 vaccination certificate issued abroad is only done through the specified electronic link. Informed sources revealed to the daily about an upcoming meeting between MoH and Civil Aviation to discuss some of the relevant observations that accompanied the start of implementing the decision to allow the return of vaccinated expatriates.

The sources revealed that the meeting will discuss finding a mechanism for approving vaccination certificates for Gulf nationals or visa holders who are prohibited from traveling to Kuwait without obtaining a green signal through the Immune application and they cannot register on the application because they do not have a civil number.

Immunization by taking doses of the vaccine approved in Kuwait is the standard to allow entry to the country, in addition to other requirements related to the presence of a negative PCR test result without classification for countries from which arrivals must spend a period of transit stone in a third country for a period of 14 days.

The sources confirmed to the daily that everyone who completed the vaccination inside Kuwait, or the certificate of taking the vaccine abroad was checked and approved, can enter Kuwait without requiring him to stay in any third country before arrival, explaining that these procedures have nothing to do with the presence or absence of direct flights with a country the passenger.

The Ministry of Health is preparing a list of detailed instructions regarding the health procedures applied to travelers, to be circulated by civil aviation and the application of its procedures automatically without disruption or confusion for citizens and residents.


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