A large number of children receive the vaccine

Coinciding with the number of recipients of “Covid 19” doses in the country reaching more than 2.51 million people, whether it is a dose or two doses according to the approved categories of citizens and residents, informed sources in the Ministry of Health revealed that the Ministry has targeted in its plans to vaccinate all those registered in the electronic platform for vaccination over a period of 30 to 45 days.

The sources added that the ministry has succeeded in making great strides towards achieving the required societal immunity.

they pointed out that expanding the scope of vaccinations in more than one center and region, and in cooperation and coordination with other parties, has begun to achieve the desired goals of the vaccination campaign, which was launched in late December 2020, noting that the employment of companies and institutions with large employment has finally been vaccinated, especially those with direct contact with the public, whether In malls, commercial complexes, restaurants, etc.

The sources described the demand of the age group from 12 to 15 years for “Covid 19” vaccinations, compared to the number of those registered on the platform, indicating that the dates set for them should be adhered to in advance, especially with the start of the school year next September, stressing the need to urge the reluctant groups to Register and take the specified doses according to the dates available to them.



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