The Ministry of Health launches the campaign” Together Forever, Wall of the Nation 6″ to donate blood

Today, Monday, the Department of Blood Transfusion Services at the Ministry of Health launched a national blood donation campaign under the slogan “Together forever, a wall of the homeland 6”, under the patronage of the Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah, coinciding with the 31st anniversary of the brutal Iraqi invasion of the State of Kuwait.

In a statement to reporters, the medical director and acting director of the blood transfusion services department at the ministry, Dr. Hanan Al-Awadi, said that the campaign, which was launched today and will continue until eight thirty in the evening, aims to symbolically recall the role of Kuwait’s martyrs, and their bloodshed in order to preserve the country.

Al-Awadi added that this campaign comes for the sixth year in a row, within the framework of joint cooperation between the Ministry of Health represented by the Central Blood Bank, the ministries of state and the civil and civil sectors, in a way that embodies and enhances joint social responsibility.

he stated that the campaign was launched in the central blood bank in the Jabriya area and the branches distributed over the health areas, indicating that there are two blood donation branches in the Al-Sabah health area, one next to the New Maternity Hospital and the other behind the Heart Hospital, in addition to a branch in Jahra Hospital, another in Al-Adan Hospital and a branch in Al-Farwaniyah Hospital. And a branch in the Al-Humaidhi Center in the Shuwaikh residential area.

And he stated that the donor should review the doctor inside the blood bank or its branches before donating, and with regard to patients with pressure, if there is control over it, it is possible to donate, as well as diabetes patients, except for cases that use insulin injections, they cannot donate.

They pointed out that the need to donate blood continues as long as there are patients, stressing that the ministry has a strategic stockpile to maintain, but there is daily consumption by hospitals. 



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