The airport continued to receive the vaccinated residents

On the second day of implementing the Cabinet’s decision to allow entry to non-Kuwaitis who obtained two doses of approved vaccines in Kuwait, Kuwait Airport continued to receive citizens and residents, amid high health and organizational measures, as all travel requirements are verified, and the traveler obtains approvals from the Ministry of Health through The appearance of the green color in the application immunity 

Scheduled flights

On the other hand, Kuwait International Airport witnessed yesterday organizational procedures for the return of citizens and residents, as the total scheduled incoming and outgoing flights amounted to about 86 flights, 42 incoming and 46 departures.

The destinations of those coming to the country varied from Turkey, Riyadh, Doha, Dubai, Frankfurt and Geneva.

Travel destinations in Turkey topped the country with 11 trips, followed by Dubai with 5 trips, then Riyadh and Doha with 3 trips each.

Get your vaccination certificate approved before you travel

The General Administration of Civil Aviation called on arrivals to upload the vaccination certificate on the Ministry of Health website and approve it before making travel arrangements, and to bring the PCR examination 72 hours before coming to the country. 

Top Arrivals Flights

11 Turkey

5 Dubai

3 Riyadh

3 Doha



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