2.51 million people in Kuwait have received the Corona vaccine

The Minister of Health, Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah, stated that the number of people who received the anti-virus vaccine, whether one or two doses, according to the approved categories of citizens and residents, reached about 2.51 million people.

Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah reviewed before the Council of Ministers, in its weekly meeting, the latest developments in the epidemiological situation in the country as a result of the Corona pandemic, which is witnessing stability, due to the decrease in the number of infections and deaths and those receiving treatment in hospitals and intensive care, where the recovery rate reached more than 96%.

The Council expressed its satisfaction with the positive indicators that have been achieved, stressing the importance of continuing to adhere to the application of health requirements and to take the initiative to take the vaccine for the benefit of all.

The Council decided to resume work in all auctions, while adhering to the health and preventive requirements in force in the Ministry of Health, as of next Sunday, August 8, provided that attendance at auctions is limited to those who are vaccinated only.



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