The first days of the return of the Expatriates

On Sunday, Kuwait International Airport received the first flights of non-Kuwaiti arrivals who received the two doses of vaccination approved in the country, in order to activate the decision of the Council of Ministers and the circulars of the General Administration of Civil Aviation regarding the new travel requirements.

The first day witnessed the influx of residents from several destinations, most notably Turkey, Doha, Dubai, Beirut and London, where the total number of incoming flights reached 51, while the number of arrivals allowed according to the capacity of Kuwait Airport reached 5,000 arriving passengers.

Flights from Turkey topped the list of destinations with 13 flights, followed by Doha with 7 flights, Dubai with 5 flights, and London, Beirut, Bahrain and Jordan with two flights each.

The procedures of the airport’s operating agencies and their commitment to health procedures, explaining that some residents coming from London were stopped upon completing the entry procedures to Kuwait because they were not registered on the Ministry of Health website despite having obtained the approved vaccination doses. “Barcodes”, but they violated the new travel requirements in terms of attaching vaccination certificates on the Ministry of Health website and obtaining approval before they come to the country.

Arrivals pointed out that ticket prices are high because those coming from the prohibited countries pass through transit stations before entering Kuwait.



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