Strategic partnership with India in all fields

In his speech delivered via video call during his participation in the ceremony held by the Indian Embassy in the country at its headquarters under the title “India and Kuwait, a joint struggle in the face of Covid 19”, Al-Saeed added that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, expressing his pride. The course of relations and the strategic partnership reached between the two friendly countries in all fields and at various levels.

He referred to the continuous communication and coordination between the leaderships of the two countries, recalling the mutual visits, the latest of which was the visit of the Indian Foreign Minister to the country, to strengthen bilateral relations and the strategic partnership between the two sides.

Al-Saeed reviewed the development of trade and economic relations between the two sides, expressing his hope to enhance cooperation opportunities in the fields of investment, trade, education and health.

stock is assured

For his part, the Director General of the Kuwait Ports Corporation Sheikh Youssef Al-Abdullah said that the corporation is not operating at its full capacity due to the Corona pandemic, but it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has not stopped working during the pandemic, such as what happened at Kuwait Airport or at the land borders. The Corporation became the main nerve for all import and export operations of food and medical supplies to Kuwait.

Al-Abdullah pointed out – in statements to reporters – that the Corporation has developed plans in coordination with all government agencies and with the Supreme Committee for Food Security, and there is a safe food stock as well as a medical stock sufficient for at least a period of 15 months, explaining that the entry of goods continues through the movement of commercial ships. coming to Kuwait, because Kuwait is a country that depends more on import than export.

On whether there is any ban on certain countries from entering their commercial ships, as was done by the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Al-Abdullah said: There are joint circulars between the International Maritime Organization and the World Health Organization, and these laws do not allow ship crews to disembark, and there is no connection with the presence of Social distancing between ship crews and the Port Corporation, and there are giant cranes through which containers are lowered without any friction, and therefore we deal with all nationalities.

He explained that the institution follows the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the health authorities regarding the disembarkation of passengers arriving by sea with the same decisions followed by civil aviation.

Taqi: Higher instructions with the help of India

The Director General of the Public Authority for Industry, Abdul Karim Taqi, said in a speech delivered on behalf of the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman, that there are clear instructions from the political leadership represented by His Highness Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad and His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad, as well as by His Highness the Prime Minister to provide support and assistance to friends in India to overcome the Corona pandemic.

He added, “It is not easy to provide large tons of oxygen to save people’s lives, but we have to support each other during this pandemic, as the challenges are great for everyone,” noting the continued cooperation and coordination between the two countries to overcome all challenges and also to ensure a healthy atmosphere for both sides.

Indian Ambassador: Unprecedented momentum in relations

The Indian Ambassador to the country, Sibi George, affirmed the strength and strength of the Indo-Kuwaiti relations, which he described as historical and advanced strategy, explaining that the high-level exchange of visits between the two countries reflects the unprecedented positive momentum in bilateral relations.

He praised the bilateral cooperation in the fight against COVID-19, expressing his gratitude to the Amir of Kuwait, the government, all concerned parties and the Indian community for their assistance and support to India during the second wave of the pandemic.



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