Saudi Arabia to allow only vaccinated people in public, private facilities

RIYADH, Aug 1: Saudi Arabia began Sunday allowing only full Covid-19 vaccinated people in government departments, public and private facilities as well as public transportation.

The ministry of interior, on its Twitter account, stressed the application of mandatory vaccination approved by Ministry of Health to protect the public health from coronavirus, allowing only fully vaccinated citizens and residents to enter all places, activities, events, government and private facilities, or use public transportation, across the Kingdom’s regions.
The Ministry called on the public to abide by health precautionary and preventive measures, and fully comply with the application of health requirements, such as social distancing, wearing a mask and hand washing.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development published regulations for allowing, as of August 9, non-vaccinated employees to work from home but under certain conditions, like considering their online work as a leave or non-paid leave.


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