The airport on the eve of activating the decision to enter non-Kuwaitis

Despite the completion of preparations by the General Administration of Civil Aviation to implement the Cabinet’s decision to return vaccinated non-Kuwaitis to the country starting tomorrow (Sunday), a source at Kuwait Airport confirmed that there will be no noticeable change with the start of the return of residents in scheduling flights. And the numbers compared to last July.

The source said: “The new matter is to allow the vaccinated residents to return to the country, explaining that as long as the travel destinations and the numbers of arrivals are the same as those that were determined last July, the movement of travelers will be routine.”

He added, “The agencies operating at the airport, including civil aviation, the interior, health, customs and ground services companies, are fully prepared to receive arrivals according to a logistical plan that has been prepared to manage the movement of passengers from the moment they get off the planes until they leave the airport in accordance with health requirements.”

And he indicated that the operating agencies were keen during the past few days to make sure of the devices, equipment and operating systems in full, and field teams were assigned to work around the clock to follow up the progress of flights and arrivals and increase the number of counters, saying: “We are fully prepared to receive all passengers.”

He pointed out that the number of departing and arriving flights that will start today (Sunday) will not exceed 95, while the number of arrivals will not exceed 5,000 passengers, which is the predetermined number.

The source concluded that the most popular destinations coming to the country are Turkey, Dubai and Doha. 

Airport preparation highlights

► Implementation of a logistical plan from several parties to facilitate the movement of passengers.
► Verify the devices, equipment and operating systems.

► There is no significant change in flight scheduling and numbers.

► Field teams work around the clock.

► Increasing the number of counter



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