Kuwait’s land temperature rose 11 degrees in 7 year

The maps of the “Urban Thermal Islands in Kuwait” project, which was implemented by the science and technology sector at the Institute of Scientific Research, showed a wide difference in the surface temperatures of Kuwait’s land during 7 years (2013 to 2020).

The maps revealed that the surface temperatures in June 2013 in different regions ranged between 30 and 43.1 degrees Celsius, but in June 2020, a change in degrees was observed, which became no less than 44.7 degrees Celsius and up to 54.4 degrees, i.e. There is an increase of 11.3 degrees Celsius.

She indicated that the surface temperature in some areas, such as “Sulaibiya farms, large national parks in the capital, sabkhat areas, and artificial lakes in Al-Khairan” maintained its coolness over the seven years, when the earth’s temperature was between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius.

air temperature

In a statement yesterday, Heba Baron, the project director at the institute, said that one of the other basic objectives of the project was to calculate the temperature variation index between the urban area and the agricultural area, in addition to determining the relationship between the surface temperature and air temperatures in the study area using linear regression. .

Baron added that the results of the project revealed the generation of heat islands in the urban area in specific land covers and uses, including the Burgan oil field, the Kuwait International Airport area, the spaces between the buildings, the industrial areas with their various activities and the nature of the buildings in them (Kirby), which was one of the most important causes Raising temperatures in industrial areas.

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