Kuwait :Business is back to normal

In keeping with the stability of the epidemiological situation in the country, the decrease in the number of infections with “Corona”, and the regularity of the vaccination process within its established plan, the Council of Ministers canceled its previous decision to close commercial activities at eight in the evening, so that these activities return, as of today, to what they were before the pandemic.

The head of the Government Communication Center, the official spokesman for the government, Tariq Al-Muzram, said that the council decided, in its weekly meeting yesterday, to open all activities, except for gatherings of all kinds, including holding conferences, weddings and social events, in addition to opening all activities for children, starting with The first of next September.

Al-Muzram stated that the decisions included restricting entry of various activities to the vaccinated only, with the non-vaccinated being allowed to enter pharmacies, parallel markets and cooperative societies, as well as food and catering marketing outlets.

Regarding the opening of direct flights, he explained that it was decided to allow direct flights to Morocco and the Maldives as of August 1, pointing out that there is no decision yet regarding the opening of direct flights with Egypt.

He added that the condition for entering the country for residents is that each of them obtain two doses against “Corona”, stressing that no paper certificates for vaccination will be approved, except by the Ministry of Health in the countries from which these arrivals come through the approved electronic registration.

Regarding the observations on the “Kuwait Musafer” application, he stated that there is a committee formed to study it, and that the General Directorate of Civil Aviation will issue a statement today in this regard, indicating that it was agreed to simplify the procedures of this platform.


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