Civil Aviation|Circulates the procedures of departure and arrival to the country

The General Administration of Civil Aviation in Kuwait has issued a circular to all airlines operating at Kuwait Airport regarding procedures for leaving the country for Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis.

The circular stated that, based on the decision of the Council of Ministers and the health authorities, not to allow citizens to leave the country except for citizens who have obtained one of the approved vaccines in the country.

Categories are excluded from this decision:

First – Departure from the State of Kuwait:

a. Age groups not subject to vaccination.

NS. Those who obtained a certificate approved by the Ministry of Health that they could not obtain the vaccine.

T. pregnant women.

NS. Emphasizing that Kuwaitis obtain health insurance throughout their stay outside the country, and it covers treatment of infection with the Corona virus.

With regard to those coming to the country, the General Administration of Civil Aviation confirmed that no passenger coming to the country will be accepted unless after obtaining a negative PCR examination certificate that is free of the new Corona virus, provided that it is valid for 72 hours.

The “Civil Aviation” circular added that the home quarantine for a period of one week is applied to immunized citizens from the date of their arrival in Kuwait, and the quarantine is lifted if an examination is performed that proves that it is free of the Corona virus.

With regard to the unvaccinated people coming to the country, they must complete the registration with the Shlonak application and the Kuwait Masafer platform, with payment of the value of two PCR examinations and one of them upon arrival in the State of Kuwait and the other on the sixth day upon arrival, in addition to dividing their quarantine for 7 days in institutional quarantine at one of the local hotels approved by the Kuwait Passenger platform. .


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