Ministry of Interior: 5679 expatriates were deported during the first half of the year

The statistics issued by the Residency Affairs Sector, represented by the General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigations, showed that the administration was included during the period from 1/1/2021 to 30/6/2021, and it lifted security restrictions and carried out inspections of companies and commercial establishments, which amounted to 24,547 miscellaneous matters. He indicated that the number of cases seized under the name of residence for money amounted to 29 cases in which 95 persons were accused, while the number of cases of expiry of residence was 53 cases, and cases of forgery in official documents were 5 cases in which 7 persons were accused.

She indicated that the administration expelled 84 expatriates during the first half of this year, after it was proven that they were unfit for health, in cooperation and coordination with the Joint Committee of the Ministry of Health, while the number of expatriates deported through direct referral from the Residence Investigation Department to the Deportation and Temporary Arrest Affairs Department reached 4896. The number of expatriates deported through referral from all sectors of the Ministry of Interior reached 699. It showed that the administration expelled 218 elderly, children and sick persons through the airport, while the number of persons whose legal status was amended from workers in violation of the residence law, and then transferred their residence to 2326 expatriates.

She revealed that the departments affiliated to the General Administration of Residency Investigation carried out during the first half of this year 95 inspection rounds, at a time when the number of wanted persons and arrest warrants were issued against them for accusing them of criminal cases, and they were hiding in hotels of 36 persons, and the Residency Investigation men carried out 149 inspection campaigns on hotels. .

The statistics indicated that the residence investigation departments dealt, during the first half of this year, with 106 complaints of sheltering, and they also dealt with 44 reports of fake domestic servants’ offices, and were able to arrest 79 expatriates working in bogus servants’ offices, in addition to raiding and seizing 4 factories for the manufacture of local liquor.

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