500% increase in travel tickets in Kuwait

In an indication of the gradual return to normalcy, the travel movement and the air transport market in general in Kuwait witnessed a remarkable recovery recently, which officials described as the largest since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

The head of the Federation of Tourism and Travel Offices, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, revealed that, according to the statistics of the International Air Transport Association, the total number of travel tickets “to and from Kuwait” during the period from January to July 10 this year reached 635,000, and its total revenues amounted to about 50 million dinars. Al-Mutairi said in an exclusive statement that The month of June witnessed the highest growth in ticket issuance during the current year, as 163,000 travel tickets were issued to several different stations, and the total revenue amounted to about 18 million dinars, achieving 50% of sales before the pandemic. Al-Mutairi pointed out that the travel schedules issued by the General Administration of Civil Aviation have become more than 100 departure and arrival flights per day, and according to the commercial operation plan for flights, they amount to about 30% of the total air traffic before the Corona pandemic read all the latest news at kuwaitofferings.com.

He stated that the months of May and June witnessed a large turnout of travelers, and the rates of increase in travel tickets during them reached more than 500% compared to last year, which proves the great demand.

Al-Mutairi stressed that the signs of recovery and the return of life to the airport began to appear, hoping that approvals would be made towards increasing passenger seats and flights, in light of the openness in the travel movement witnessed by the region. And he indicated that the restriction of travel is accompanied by several obstacles, most notably the increase in travel tickets, and the difficulty of travelers coming due to limited seats, at the same time when the countries of the world began to open their airports and resorts to global tourism, and set one condition, which is vaccination with two doses only.

5 indicators of the recovery of travel and flights:

1- Issuance of 163,000 tickets

2- Achieving revenues that exceeded 50 million dinars

3- The rise in flights has been on the rise since last April

4- Daily flights at Kuwait Airport exceeded 100 incoming and outgoing flights

5- 30% commercial operation rate compared to before the pandemic

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